Plenary Talk

Karl Schulz (Intel Corporation)

Enabling Technology Trends
in High Performance Computing

This talk will highlight enabling technology trends in high performance computing, including hardware and software perspectives for current and future generation systems on the path to exascale. As we know, the total power budget that can realistically be deployed for future exascale systems requires energy-efficient innovations to be made across all facets of supercomputing design ranging from on-node (e.g. CPU, memory) enhancements, rack design and thermal cooling improvements, and enhanced high-speed communication layers to support high-bandwidth, low-latency message transfers efficiently. Indeed, performance per watt arguments at the node level have already lead to substantial gains in today’s coprocessor/accelerator technologies. In this talk, we will highlight some of Intel’s approach for addressing these challenges, and the software and hardware implications for future generation systems and what it means for computational scientists.